PADI Rescue Diver Course - Dolphin Queen

Rescue Diver course

The Rescue Diver Course will provide you with the knowledge of how to become safer and more cautious while diving. You will be taught the skills to rescue divers in case of an emergency.

You must be trained as an Emergency First Responder (EFR) as part of the Rescue Diver course unless you have qualified with another organization within the last 24 months. The EFR course will include C.P.R., First Aid and secondary care.

For customers who wish to carry out their course on our liveaboard, you must be in Khao Lak one day before departing for your liveaboard trip in order to complete the EFR and some academics from the Rescue Diver course.

The theory topics covered are:

  • The Psychology of Rescue
  • Preparation for a Diving Emergency
  • Accident Management
  • Responding to Diving Emergencies

The practical training covers basic things again like Cramp Removal, Tired Diver Tow and Use of and Alternate Air Source. In addition we teach you how to respond to problems such as irrational and panicking divers both at the surface and underwater, how to correctly respond from the boat or shore, surfacing, perform rescue breathing and regress with an unconscious diver.You will also be given different scenarios in which you can practice your Rescue Diver skills.

EFR course price is 5,700 baht
Included in the price:

  • EFR manual
  • EFR certification card

Rescue Diver course price : 9,500 baht
Included in the price:

  • Rescue Diver manual
  • Rescue Diver certification card

Please note: the liveaboard price is not included

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